This week Our educators planned an exciting excursion to the library, they must know how much we love to read! Kelly taught us how to use library Etiquette, and that libraries are a very quiet place where people go to read books. Our educators even said we could borrow some books and take them back to Sonas.

We each put on our vests and set off on route to the library with big smiles. When we opened the big doors, there were so many books and Kelly showed us to where the books are that we could read.

We could get lost in the number of books there were!! We sat and read some books individually in our own quiet spaces and then Kelly read a few books to us as well.

We set up a Sonas Library card and borrowed a few books to take back with us, we keep the card in a special spot in our room, so we always know where it is for our next adventure to the library.