One of our lovely families brought in lemons from their tree for the educators and children to use in their daily experiences. 

This week we attempted to make Lemon Volcano’s. The educators and children worked together to find all the resources that they would need. Once we had gathered our equipment, we then set up ready for the science to begin. 

We cut the lemons in half and using a fork we poked holes and then dropped food colouring into the lemons. The children then poured dish soap and bicarb soda onto the lemons to see if they would fizz. We had a small amount of fizz and we then spent time trying different ways to make a bigger fizz. In the end the children decided that they wanted to try another way of making a volcano. As we spoke about different ways, the children explored the lemons with some children tasting them. The looks on their faces were priceless and gave everyone a good laugh.

As we found other ways to make a big volcano, the children excitedly gathered round supported educators with getting everything ready. They all clapped and squealed with delight as it bubbled up and spilled over the container and onto the floor. We repeated this several times before the children assisted educators with the cleanup.

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