This week we have been talking with the children about our community pantry, and how we can help. 

The children said we have plenty of food and could we share.  We decided to go for a walk to our pantry at the front of the centre to see what had been donated by our families. 

Several children put their hands up to help with this experience, we walked around the centre to see what we could use to package the donation up in.

We found a large box in our Stem studio and decided that would be a great box to use.  The children helped to carry the big box out the front to pack the donation in.

While we were there the children talked with Stephanie about why we donate, Stephanie explained to the children that we like to give back to people that are in need. Some families don’t have much at their home and some don’t have a home at all, and this is our way of helping those that are in need. The children asked if we could pack the entire shelf and even make a card to send with our donation.

Both of our Baldivis Sonas centres are drop off points for Oakwell community pantry, if anyone is able to donate items.