At Sonas we always feel like we belong, but where do we belong in the bigger picture? Well our educators told us we live on planet earth. We are very inquisitive, so we wanted to know more. When we play in the garden we always look up at the sun and the moon and ask Kelly why they are there. Our educators explained that far far away there are these different shaped things called planets.

Obviously, we wanted to explore them, so we did. Who? what? when? where? why? we all asked. Kelly brought in a book all about planets, we read through it and identified there are lots of names for our planets and some of them are very tricky to say, but of course we remembered the Milky Way. We made some of our own planets to display in the room out of paper mache, it was very messy. We made our very own interpretation of the Milky Way using glitter and paint. When it all came together it really did look like something out of the pages of our planet book.