This week we have been looking after our babies so well. We put them to sleep, give them some food and even change their nappies. We went on a visit to the babies room to make friends with some of the babies at Sonas and help our educators look after them. Our educators asked what we like to feed our babies and we came up with lots of healthy foods and we learnt that everything we are doing to take care of our babies is helping with their wellbeing.

We decided to take them on a picnic and make some healthy food. We had a big discussion about which foods were healthy and then our educators had a brilliant idea. Lets combine our healthy ingredients onto a pizza!! We each made a pizza with lots of yummy healthy toppings, we added some pineapple, spinach, capsicum and a sprinkle of cheese when we finished we took the trolley down to our cook and the waiting game began. Lunch time was soon approaching and of course we needed to wash our hands and our babies hands as well, set up the picnic blanket and wait for our pizza. YUM YUM.