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Early Learning With Sonas

Sonas is Old-Irish for “happiness”. We welcome you to Sonas Early Learning & Care where your children and family’s happiness, joy and wellbeing are our priority.

Sonas Early Learning & Care has been 25 years in the making. It is owned and operated by experienced, knowledgeable qualified Early Childhood specialists who have lovingly combined all the elements of quality child care and early education and embedded them in the very core of the program and service offered to you.

At Sonas we nurture and promote authentic positive childhood experiences through play based learning activities. A setting that is carefully created and lovingly maintained fosters children’s interest and enquiry naturally lead to quality learning experiences.

What Our Families Say

Learn Through Play

Above all, the key element to the success of children’s learning opportunities is PLAY. Our program creates opportunity for Sonas children to engage in carefully created play spaces and experiences each and every day.

  • Messy play
  • Quiet play
  • Active play
  • Physical play
  • Creative play
  • Group play
  • Imagination as your company
  • Games with set rules
  • Games with made up rules
  • Role play

We Have Fun

Through this play children will learn and experience

  • Creativity, adventure and compassion
  • Trust, acceptance and how to hold an open-mind
  • Friendliness, societal norms, charity and caring
  • Helpfulness, understanding and gentleness
  • Confidence and attentiveness
  • Interest, happiness and independence
  • Social responsibility and collaboration
  • Respect, self-respect and self-learning
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