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Sonas Early Learning & Care is a family owned, child focused & family orientated childcare centre.

Our team of qualified and caring educators will use their knowledge and experience to create challenging, inspiring and exciting play and learning opportunities for all children.

The team will build genuine and purposeful relationships with children and their families and promote a safe, secure environment that children easily settle into.

Play Spaces Foster Your Child’s Exploration & Discovery of Their Environment

The Sonas Baldivis childcare centre is a new and purpose built facility.

We have designed the centre so all play spaces lead out onto a large nature based outdoor area. This provides unlimited opportunities for your child to venture outdoors exploring and discovering new things from their environment every day.

Each play space provides areas for creativity, experimentation and imagination as well as an opportunity for children to rest and relax.

  • The children will be provided with opportunities which appeal to their interests and can consolidate or extend on their learning.
  • Children will develop their confidence and self help skills through opportunities to be independent.
  • They will practice everyday functional skills and learn to make choices.

Through collaboration and scaffolding each child is able to build on the knowledge they already possess. They will use their senses to explore the world around them fostering an understanding of the natural world.

Every Child is Respected & Treated as an Individual

We recognise that children all learn and develop at their own pace and in their own way and we strive to deliver a positive early childhood experience for every child entrusted to our care.

Your child will be supported by our team of professional educators who will understand their individual needs and requirements assisting them to achieve their best and will provide positive early childhood memories for each child.

Each of our educators invest in their own learning through professional development courses, online research and by being part of the early years community.

At Sonas we believe in a child’s community and by allowing the children to build relationships with children of other age groups we can introduce new skills that will support children as they grow and thrive.

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Connect With Your Children “Live”

These days parents are called upon to work longer hours which means more time spent apart from your children in those precious early learning years.To ensure you do not miss out completely at Sonas we have a smartphone app to bring you back into the picture.

Photos and Videos

Our smartphone app allows you to connect with your children in childcare.

You can receive live broadcasts of your child’s learning moments as they happen.


You can reach educators instantly through our smartphone app’s messaging capabilities.

Automatically Sign In and Out

At Sonas we know that you have a busy schedule and you may not have time to wait around to sign the register when you drop off or collect your children from our childcare centre.

Our smartphone app can automatically take care of this process allowing you to give your full attention to your hellos or goodbyes.

Share The Learning

With our smartphone app you can quickly and easily add others such as grandparents or friends to share your child’s learning journey.