Childcare Baldivis North

Monday to Friday 6:30am to 6pm

24 Amalfi Chase Baldivis, 6171

Our staff at Sonas love to spend quality time with your children. They are experts at breaking down the barriers the children may have through anxiety of being in a new environment and they love to engage with the children in a happy, caring and supportive environment.

Some proud moments our staff would like to share with you….

Why we work in childcare…

Our Sonas People…

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Sonas Baldivis North – Nursery Rhyme Felt Stories! 
Today in the nest, we had fun listening, interacting, and singing some nursery rhymes. We used our hands to move...
Sonas Baldivis North – Excursion To The Park! 
We walked to this park this morning. Talking together and checking the roads before we cross. We started to explore...
Sonas Baldivis North – Sensory Green Sheep
Following reading the book “Where is the Green Sheep?" Ash decided to make a sensory tray of a green sheep....
Sonas Baldivis North – Kindy Program – Numeracy 
As part of the Sonas Pre-kindergarten program, the children took part in a numeracy activity. The numeracy activity was available...
Sonas Baldivis North – Numeracy 
This morning, we cut out the numbers 1–10 and glued them in order on a piece of paper. The children...
Sonas Baldivis North – Mixing Colours Using Ice
In our Kindy program, we are learning about colours. As a different activity, we decided to use coloured ice blocks....
Sonas Baldivis North – Children’s Christmas Parties
This week, we celebrated Christmas at Sonas Baldivis North. So much fun was had. Santa came to visit us and...
Sonas Baldivis North – Kids in the Kitchen 
Kids in the Kitchen is a favourite for our children. They participate by peeling vegetables, cutting vegetables, and then mixing...
Sonas Baldivis North – Diwali Sand Art 
This afternoon after rest time we got out some coloured sand along with some photos of sand art. I made...
Sonas Baldivis North – Mirror Reflections!
Today we looked at our reflections in the mirror. We had fun seeing ourselves and at others through the reflection....

Family day care Baldivis North – what is the Sonas difference?

Where children’s play has no boundaries

At Sonas child care Baldivis North we are continuously reflecting upon our practices to ensure you and your children are receiving the highest quality care in line with our service philosophy, the National Quality Framework and research on current practice from recognised guidelines.

Sonas Learning Studios

Sonas Learning Studios underpins our approach and allows children to engage, explore, learn, and further develop their skills and abilities in open-ended learning environments.

Our ultimate aim is treasuring and protecting the childhood experiences of our most precious little ones.

Welcome to the Nest

This is where our littlest people will be.

As babies are developing some skills for the first time, having a safe space to do so is important. This is to ensure they are safe and are provided with all the care requirements that our babies need on a day-to-day basis.

The babies are still able to explore the other studios around the service to gain experience and engage with the older children, including sharing meals with our older children in our family room.

Children’s transition from the nest to the larger Sonas Family Group is ultimately dependent on each child’s social and emotional readiness as well as the achievement of key motor skills.

They graduate to the larger group only when they show signs of being developmentally ready for this move.

An indicative age is anywhere between 15 to 18 months, but could be earlier, or later, depending on each child’s journey.

Welcome to the ZEN

Who doesn’t need a space for R&R?

In the Zen studio children can come and engage in quiet play, exploring a range of independent experiences from puzzles, sand trays, reading and so much more.

The Zen studio will also be used as our sleep and rest space and incorporate yoga and mindfulness activities.

Welcome to the STEM Studio

This is where children will be discovering and learning through experiences that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts.

All experiences will be designed to cater to the needs, interests, and abilities of all children.

It is like our little version of Sci-Tech!!!

Welcome to the Arts Studio

The Arts studio is where children will be able to explore and develop their creative side through all types of the arts such as visual, dramatic, and expressive arts.

This is a space for your child to explore their inner actor, artist, singer and much more.

Welcome to the Garden

All children love being outdoors.

Our garden is not only space for children to engage in outdoor physical play but also includes elements of all other studios as we believe the outdoor environment adds another layer to learning.

Welcome to the Family Room

Like in any home the Family Room is like the heartbeat of it all.

This is where children will gather for meals, store their belongings and engage in our ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ program.

In the family room we encourage, teach, and facilitate children’s acquisition of their independence and self-help skills, fostering their confidence and self-esteem.

In this space we create opportunities for children to engage in meaningful mealtimes with children of all ages, learning important social skills and etiquette.

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. 

– Hodding Carter

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At Sonas we believe in a child’s community and by allowing the children to build relationships with children of other age groups we can introduce new skills that will support children as they grow and thrive.