Employment at Sonas

If our purpose aligns with your purpose, we want to hear from you!

Our purpose is to positively impact the growth, development and lives of children and their families. Where the goals and purpose of children, families, individuals, team members and communities align for the benefit and happiness of all.

We believe that by treasuring young children in our care, we foster happy childhood memories for children and their families.

Sonas is a family run business and we are seeking people who are passionate about making a difference in the day-day lives of the families who call our centres home.

Whether you are …

  • Shifting focus to a career in childcare;
  • Interested in becoming a Centre Manager;
  • Passionate about curriculum design;
  • Passionate about nurturing and educating children through their early years day-day.
  • Passionate about nurturing children by providing them with nourishing food.

Then working at Sonas is the role for you!

A job with Sonas promises to provide an environment that puts families at the centre and treats its team as part of the Sonas family.

Our goal for those who join the Sonas ‘family’ is to ensure that they are surrounded people who are caring and compassionate, who are dedicated to our purpose and live into our core values.

Your growth within Sonas is up to you and the mindset and attitude you choose to bring to work each day.

For those who are passionate about early years education. We will provide opportunities to grow and develop so you can continue to grow as you educate and nurture future generations.

Do you have the traits of a Sonas family team member?

  • Are you passionate about early years education being delivered using innovative and future focused approaches?
  • Are you a person who will go above and beyond the call of duty?
  • Are you keen to develop and grow within a locally owned family run business who is growing every day?
  • Would people describe you as an optimistic glass half full kind of person?
  • Are you looking for a flexible work environment who is willing to accommodate rostering to suit individual needs?
  • Are you a motivated person who is keen to grow and develop? Does the thought of learning something new make you excited?
  • If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, GREAT!

We think you might have what it takes to become a member of the Sonas family…

At Sonas we believe in a child’s community and by allowing the children to build relationships with children of other age groups we can introduce new skills that will support children as they grow and thrive.