For the past few weeks we have been learning about what makes a plant grow. Our Educators taught us that plants need air, water and the sun to grow and survive. Kelly brought in some seeds for us to grow and we grew them in a special way without soil. We Placed some paper towel that we squirted some water on and put that into a zip lock bag with the broad bean seed inside. We are very excited to come and see our very own plant every day.

Kelly asked us if we would like to buy a plant from Big W and grow our own vegetables. We were very excited and chose a capsicum plant to grow. We went to big W to buy the plant. We first practiced how to cross the road in the garden, we looked left and right to check for cars and then we walk across, next we put on our safety vests and our hats and left to go to the shops. We went to the plant section and found lots of different plants before coming across our capsicum plants. We can’t wait to watch them grow in our garden Bed at Sonas!!