Who would have thought that helping clean up our own mess and learn new things would be so much fun! The past week we have all been little helpers and super keen to learn new things.

We learnt how to ring out the water from a cloth before wiping the tables before every meal time, we also get to dress up in an apron and chef hat so we know we are the special helpers for that day.

We learnt how to use a dust pan to sweep up our own mess we make after meal times and to put our gardening gloves on to explore our gardens and pull weeds to keep our gardens looking clean.

We have also helped to hang out washing, butter our own bread, help feed babies their bottles and even watering our plants.

We get the opportunity to watch our educators sweep the woodchips of the footpaths to make everything clean and tidy, we then role play and use our little brooms to sweep.

The most fun part about being a little helper is to explore, investigate and learn new concepts.