We recently took part in Auslec Welshpool’s Safe Work in October to promote awareness of workplace safety. One of the activities in “Live it Week” was a colouring in competition.

Auslec Welshpool shared this experience with us to drive home why we need to stay safe at work, our families need us.

Two of our friends were rewarded for their efforts by receiving a certificate and a hi viz work shirt-as you can see they were so excited with their gifts. Thank you James Shepherd for sharing this experience with us.

This was a great opportunity for us to think not only about our safety here at Sonas and around our home but also out in the community. We role played in the construction area, wearing our hi viz vests and helmets and sectioned off the area for safety of others.

We spoke about the importance of wearing our helmets when riding our bikes around home and to the park.