This week has been about the children exploring their independence and transferring their skill set from one experience to another.

The children have been watching the educators prepare morning and afternoon tea over the course of a couple of weeks, so when we asked what they would like to do for the day the children responded with “make a locolate (chocolate) cake.

So, we went for a walk to the kitchen and grabbed some flour, coco and chia seeds. Once we had retrieved these items then the children went on a nature walk and picked up some leaves and sticks to add to our outdoor kitchen. 

We worked together as a team, with helping to mix and bake their very own chocolate cake. The children chatted away to each other as they baked and made other treats. Once they had finished cooking then all the children sat down together and pretended to eat their cakes.

The children then wanted to add further to their outdoor kitchen and explored more of our kitchen cupboards. There we found pumpkin seeds, more chia seeds, pasta and lentils. The children said they could make a special pasta dish with these ingredients. 

Once they had finished making lunch for the educators the children then used their knowledge of feeding birds and asked the educators if we could feed it to the birds. The children then watched as the birds came down to eat.

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