This week has been a little different for the educators here at Sonas Atwell.  We have been able to spend some quality time out and about within our community at a local playgroup.

The educators have been spending a lot of time planning ways that we could give back to our community, and we thought what better way than to start with other children.   We spent time with the children making coloured cloud dough and getting all the supplies ready that we would need to take with us.

When we arrived at the playgroup Cherie and Maddi set up the experiences and watched as the children came over to explore our little set up. The children really seemed to enjoy the messy play of painting and cloud dough and even enjoyed dancing around with the twirling ribbons.

When we arrived back at the centre, our lovely Sonas children wanted to hear about our adventures. So Maddi & Cherie told them all about the playgroup. The children were thrilled that others within their community got to experience the fun learning environments that they explore themselves everyday.

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