Our children have become very fascinated with the small pebbles around the vegetable garden.  Some of the children took our magnets outside for use in the pebbles.  As they were exploring the pebbles, some of the children noticed that the small pebbles were sticking to the end of the magnets.

The educators followed on with this exploration by setting up the sensory tray full of different size/types of pebbles and the magnets.  The children explored the physical attraction between the pebbles and magnets.

Upon further research educators helped the children understand that the pebbles had iron inside them, and this is how they stuck to the magnets.  The children were fascinated by this and then used the magnets to see what else they could get them to connect with.

Some children attempted to place the magnets next to each other but due to the magnetic forcefield they would not connect but simply moved the other magnets around.  By using trial and error they were able to get both magnets to connect to each other and built a long row of magnets all brightly coloured.

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