One of our parents were kind enough to bring in some spare oranges for the center to use. The children looked at the oranges then looked at Jess and asked, “can make juice please.” To which Jess replied “of course”

So then all the children helped collect the tray, some containers, and plastic knives from the kitchen. We placed all the objects as well as the oranges in the tray and the children and educators began using the plastic knives to cut the oranges in half.

As each child reached in and grabbed an orange, they began working their magic. Using two hands to squeeze the oranges above the containers to allow all the juices to fall.

The children spoke about the smell, feeling and taste of the juice itself. 

“it’s very sticky”
“I love orange juice”
“it smells weird”

The more oranges the children squeezed the more juice and mess they were left with. Some children used a pipette to suction the juice out of the oranges or transfer it from one container to another.

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