Summer fun has been on going and ensuring we are SunSmart is of utmost importance.  

The educator introduced a teddy to demonstrate the clothing required when playing in the sun as well as the correct method for applying sunscreen.   Much to our surprise the children decided to name our little green mascot.

“I think we should name our teddy,” suggest a child to which a few friends responded positively. 

“Name him Mr Taco,” suggested the children with huge giggles. With an across the group agreement, the children decided to name our SunSmart mascot Mr Taco’s. The reason for this was if a Taco is left to long in the oven it can burn just like our skin. 

In addition, through our learning experiences the children engaging in rich discussion for caring for our skin when we venture outdoors.  With the Educator the children role played dressing Mr Taco’s in the appropriate sun safe clothing as well as play a game of guess the appropriate clothing, establishing a firm understanding and foundation for being SunSmart. 

The children had fun dressing Mr Taco’s and felt a sense of pride naming their SunSmart friend making a rich connection for being sun safe. The learning games we play and learning experiences children engage with provide foundational pillar to extend learning, thus children becoming leader in being responsible for their own sun safety. 

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