Teeth, we all have them and taking care of them is a very important step for children and educators as we need strong teeth and gums so that our smiles are always nice and bright.

This week the children have been focusing on their teeth brushing skills. Educators spent time with children and read books about brushing teeth and conversations from our children about their teeth brushing routine followed.

“my mummy helps me brush my teeth
“my mummy squeezes the paste out”
“I brush my teeth after dinner”

The children spoke about the different coloured toothbrushes they use at home. And then one child asked if they could brush their teeth after lunch. The educators had conversations about the germs on our teeth and how we could help keep the germs away.

The children participated in a dental hygiene experience where they used permanent markers to draw germs on their teeth and then used toothbrushes and toothpaste to remove the germs. The children giggled as they brushed their germs away and even assisted the younger children with brushing skills.

To keep teeth brushing a fun experience we have started to sing this little tune

“I’m a tube of toothpaste on a shelf
All so lonely by myself
When it’s nearly bedtime hear me shout
Lift my lid and squeeze me out”

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