The children burst with excitement when they discovered that their surprise visit was from one of their favourite professions. 

We all at Sonas Atwell appreciate the Fire fighters of Success Department for taking the time to empowering our children and ensuring their safety.

The aim of the visit was to provide vital fire safety messages to our children at Sonas Atwell such as: 

  1. Safe fires/Unsafe fires
  2. Firefighters can help you – demonstration in the yellow suite
  3. Crawl low in smoke
  4. Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll. 

The children had so much fun viewing the fire truck, exploring the equipment, listening to the inactive stories and most importantly understanding that when they see a fire fighter dress in a yellow suite to run toward to keep safe. At the end of the learning experience the children cheered as they heard the siren as the fire truck pulled away.

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