Look at all the amazing colours that we made. 

Learning has been different this week for the children at Sonas. They have spent time using food dye, water, and other mediums to create many different colours. These experiences captured and enthralled the children as they spent hours upon hours pouring and mixing to create their perfect colour.

The emphasise has been on socialisation for the children rather than learning their colours. We heard lots of hushed whispering between the children, as they concentrated hard with their pouring skills so as not to spill the liquid. Once the liquid had been poured then the children cheered and clapped their hands excitedly. 

During these experiences the children showed that they are competent and capable learners to identify some of the colours and with their mixing and pouring skills. The language and development as the older children communicated with the younger children was amazing to watch as the younger children abled away in response.

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