Feelings can be tricky for us as adults to identify and understand, let alone trying to be a young child and deal with emotion. 

We get frustrated, sad, nervous, excited, angry, embarrassed, happy, all in a matter of moments.

Luckily for us, our fabulous educators are helping guide us with these by looking at colours and corresponding these to our emotion. This helps us identify how we are feeling and learn to vocalise this. 

We talk about how we feel when we are happy, sad, mad and the physical feelings inside our bodies when this is happening.

We have been reading the storybook “The Color Monster” and this has helped us to understand more about our feelings. We then made our own emotion monster and made other emotion monsters for each colour to help us learn more about our emotions. 

Games of emotional bingo, pulling faces and mirroring these and listening to others are helping us become more resilient and confident capable learners.