Recent discussion with families about their struggles they were having to get their children to wear a helmet before riding a bike led to the centre purchasing some helmets and introducing these to the children of Sonas.

We spoke to the children about the helmet and its purpose. We need to wear a helmet to protect our head, to keep us safe when riding our bikes, scooters, and skateboards whether it be at home in the back yard, the local park, the foot path or the road.  The helmet is our friend and is there to protect us.

The children learned how to put their helmets on, then with the assistance of educators adjusting the straps to fit the individual. We then all had a turn riding bikes and scooters and becoming comfortable and familiar with the helmet.

This then fed into conversations with children sharing their knowledge and experiences of when they have seen others in the community wearing helmets and this was demonstrated through the children’s play, with many not wanting to remove the helmet but saw this as an opportunity to keep them safe.

This is only the very first step we have taken in our safety campaign, and we are looking forward to introducing our road signs and signals, understanding what they mean and represent, why we need to obey these and where we see these out in our community.