We’re all super clever here at Sonas Hundingdale knowing our 000 Number for emergencies for Fire brigade, Ambulance and Police. We sat down together and brain stormed why these people are so important and how they can help us. We spoke about what their role in the community is. We looked at some basic first aid then put this into practice on our friends using the Danger, Response, Send for help and Airways Breathing and Circulation. We had Jane from St John Ambulance come and she talked to us.

Jane read us a special book us and talked about when and why we call 000. Jane was very impressed with how well we all sat and listened to take in the important information and answered all her questions. We then went in small groups to the car park and got to have a peek inside the ambulance.

While in the ambulance we got to have a look at a few things, like a pump they use to give air to people who are having trouble breathing. We all received a bandage that Jane placed carefully around our arm or leg as well as a sticker. We have learnt so much, now know to call 000 if we need help.

We would like to all say a very special thank you to the people of St John for taking the time to educate us all about basic life saving skills that we can use to help our family and friends.