Over the last few weeks there have been some big changes here at Sonas Huntingdale, our home away from home has had a mini remodel.

We now have a bigger and better atelier where we can draw, sculpt, paint, and explore our creative sides and a discovery zone which helps us learn about biology (animals), engineering (building), technology, and physics (volume and shapes). 

We’re loving our new spaces but still enjoy spending time in the nest with our littlest friends and relaxing with a good book, puzzle or some role play in the Zen zone.

Recently we had a parent’s night where we got to show off our new use of our space.  The evening was great with parents being able to meet the new team here and get to know their children’s key educator. 

The evening was multipurpose as we used it to discuss the developmental milestone tracker we use at Sonas and were able to talk to parents about the milestones their children have achieved and are working towards.