In our everyday practise here at Sonas we have implemented our very own Safety Officers. 

Our Safety Officers have come on board after inviting Seemore into our Sonas Family.  After reading some books about safety and having Seemore go home to learn some safety at our homes, we thought it was time we could become Safety Officers within the centre.  

While we are on duty, we make sure all our friends are safe and are doing safe things.  To make sure our friends are safe we make sure they all have hats on while playing outside, keeping the sand swept off the footpaths so our friends can’t slip on the sand, making sure all water bottles are full, so our friends have water, encouraging our little friends to put toys back and not leaving them on the floor for someone to trip over them and helping our friends up if they fall out of their coop car.

 We are all so excited to have a turn at becoming a safety officer.