This week we have combined our interest in dinosaurs, counting from earlier in the week’s weight activity and building our strong fine motor control by saving our mini dinosaurs from a flood.

The warm weather was the perfect opportunity for some water play so the children  helped to set the scene for the experience.  Using the tongs to place the dinosaurs in different parts of the habitat, they grasped the tongs, picking up the dinosaurs before releasing them carefully onto the floor. The children also used the tongs and collected dinosaurs, placing it into the forest at the top of the habitat.  Next, the flood began!

The children took turns to fill the bucket full of water and poured it onto the dinosaurs.

“Oh no, they’re falling over!”

One of the children then picked up the measuring spoon and began to fill up a measuring jug with water, pouring more water on top of the dinosaurs as she let out a big giggle.

Finally, all of the dinosaurs were saved as we used the tongs again to take them safely out of the water and back into their jungle.