This week the children have been on a sensory adventure through our Garden environment. 

We began by taking off our shoes so that we could experience the environment with our whole bodies and feel connected to nature. We walked on the grass, headed along the limestone path, where the sunlight dappled through the trees and over the veranda, creating parts where there was light and shadow. 

The children experimented with their feet on the path, noticing that the path is a lot harder than the grass and was warm in the sunny parts and cold in the shade. 

As we made our way back up the path, the group all crouched down to smell the rosemary. We picked some sprigs of rosemary to take with us on our walk. We also began to collect lots of different leaves, placing them into our baskets. As each leaf was picked, we felt them, and described how they looked, felt and smelt. 

We finished our sensory adventure in the mud pit. Going on our sensory adventure helps the children to use sensory information and awareness of their body to understand how their body relates to the environment.