“Measure it, pour it, mix it, stir it, “sang the children while making the perfect play dough.  As they mixed the children posed, “where have all our birds gone?” “Why are they not flying to us?” “How are the birds?”

Together with their Educators they discussed the possible reasons for the absence.

Birding in our playground is one of our children’s favourite nature activity. Our daily visitors bought about opportunities for children to observe the bird’s physical appearances, listen to their unique sounds and research information with their Educator to discover interesting facts. Along with growing empathy for all living things.

The past few days our feathery friends have limited their visits.

As they continue with their sensory experience there was a moment of silence and with great enthusiasm the children said, “we can make birds.”  Using their natural materials, collected from a previous nature treasure hunt. They made amazing bird figurines, then venture outside to look for our birds or any evidence of their visit. “We are going on a bird search we going to find a big one,” sang the children joyfully.

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