This week the kindy and toddler children have been getting creative with their masterpieces. Whilst they have been using the art easels, the children and educators decided to think outside the box and challenge themselves in using different surfaces and mediums.

The kindy and toddler children were using this art experience to learn about different shapes and colours. Miss Cherie and Miss Bec were talking to the children about the different shapes when the children thought it would be funny to paint the educators faces. All the children joined in on this experience and they found it hilarious to see their educators with painted faces.

Later in the week the children and Miss Ebonee had a think about what other mediums they could use for the children to create art work on, when they had the brilliant idea of turning the table upside down and using clingwrap for their easels. The children absolutely loved this idea as they sat with their friends and helped each other create an amazing piece of artwork.