The children had an exciting adventure with Sonas Childcare, starting with a visit to the Perth Mint, followed by an incursion at Sonas Perth CBD.

Our day began with lively bus rides filled with singing, games, and chatter, a journey that made the long drive to Perth fly by!

Upon arrival at the Perth Mint, we eagerly explored the facilities, witnessing first hand the mesmerising process of crafting gold. The children were captivated by the intricate artistry involved in shaping gold into its final form.

We then enjoyed interactive activities, such as minting our own coins, experiencing the weight of gold, and attempting to lift a solid gold bar, a highlight that sparked joy and wonder among the children.

On our walk to Perth CBD, we engaged with the Heart of Gold Australia app, discovering hidden treasures along the way. Our friends did a fantastic job during our 45-minute stroll, maintaining enthusiasm for more exploration.

Arriving at Sonas CBD, the children delighted in playing in a charming upstairs play area, marveling at its unique location. Lunch, lovingly prepared by the Perth CBD educator’s, delicious spaghetti bolognese, was a treat enjoyed by all. After a satisfying meal, we relaxed on the bus ride back to daycare, enjoying soft music while some friends even took a nap.

Overall, it was an unforgettable day filled with adventure and learning, made possible by the amazing children who embraced every moment with enthusiasm and curiosity!