One of our Developmental Milestones is how to spread by using a knife. 

Well, this week in our Family Room we have been practising our fine motor skills by learning to hold a knife. By doing this we got to practise cutting a banana.

First we washed our hands and made sure they were dry to remove all germs.
Then we chose where we wanted to sit at the table.

Then we used our pincer grip to peel the bananas and placed them onto the green chopping board.

We then got to work by picking up our knives, following our educators’ instructions on which way to hold the knife safely and began chopping up our bananas for afternoon tea.

Once we had finished cutting, we used the tongs to pick up each of the banana slices and put them into a bowl.

We can’t wait until our red nose Safety Food Cutters arrive so we can continue our learning journey.