Huntingdale Sonas adventures were super COOL, this week!

We went on a search about Volcanos and how they work! Did you know 350 Million, or one in 20 people who live in the world live within “Danger Range” of an active volcano. Our two kindy friends had been asking to make a Volcano in the sand and we all thought that was a fantastic idea to get out in the sunshine before the rain hit again. We sat together and done a little brain storm and talked about the different things we would need to make a volcano. VINIGAR, VINIGAR VINIGAR we all yelled in excitement.

Collecting all our ingredients we ran down to the sand pit to make a sand volcano. To do this we had to build a sand castle and dig a small hole at the top to add the vinegar and bicarb soda. Do you think the sand Volcano is all we done? We also explored some more and made a woodchip and paper mache volcano.

We have so much fun at Sonas Huntingdale exploring different things, there is never a boring moment!