Our friends in nursery have been loving our toy Duck’s on display within our room.

During our group times we have been using these rubber ducks while singing our five little ducks song. So we decided to do some painting that represents different parts of the song.

First we started with bright yellow paint and dipped our little ducks into the paint then using the ducks as a stamp across some brown paper. Then the next day we used Green paint and decided to use a broken tree branch as our painting tool, This represented the green grassed hill.

Of course our ducks need somewhere to swim and drink so we created our pond using blue paint and bubble wrap to transfer onto our paper to give a different effect.

With all of our amazing paintings from our project over the week we could finally cover up an old recycled cardboard box and place some hidden ducks on each square for our friends to count, find and look at.

What great fun we had working together on our duck adventure.