Every morning we ask the children “what would you like to do today.” 

The children replied “ I want to create something,” so then Maddison asked the children “what would you use to create with” the children looked at their friends and replied “painting”

As Maddison assisted the children with gathering the resources needed, Maddison made other suggestions about different tools that they could use to paint with. The children thought about this for a couple of minutes before deciding.  The children and Maddison then went to the kitchen and asked Steph for some green apples.

After setting up the experience, Maddison demonstrated to the children how they could use the green apples to create different shaped stamps using the apples.  The children loved this and could not wait to make their own shapes.

As Maddison assisted the children with making their own stamps, she spoke about how to safely use the plastic knives when cutting around the object.  As the children were cutting into the apples, one child noticed the apple juice running down his hands.  The child then asked “next time can we make apple juice” Maddison replied “sure we can”

The children then started to eat the cut-out apples before returning to their stamping experience. They all had so much fun comparing the different shapes they had created.

This experience led to some wonderful artwork that will be displayed in the centre for the children to explore and talk about.

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