After a wonderful easter break some of our children came back with haircuts. 

The children all gathered around their friends and examined the new haircuts. The children started asking questions like “who cut your hair” and “why did you lose hair”. Some more children then said “I want to cut my hair”

The educators spoke about how we shouldn’t cut our own hair as our mummies and daddies may not like it if we did cut our hair. The children then asked, “well how can we cut hair” And then the older children said, “I know, we can cut wigs”. 

The children assisted the educators in setting up a hair salon in the room complete with wigs, hairbrushes and hair ties. The children then placed the mirror blocks so they could see their friends giving them a new hair do with the hair ties and brushes.

Some children then wanted to cut hair, so we came up with the idea of using recycled materials to cut hairstyles. The children enjoyed creating many different hairstyles on their paper models, by using different scissors and by tearing the paper into strips. The children also experimented with colouring their model’s hair using powdered paint and textas.

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