This week has been full of excitement for the children as they spoke about the Easter Bunny and the chocolate goodies that he brings to their homes.

One of our siblings came to pick up her little sister, and she was telling the children that she had seen the easter bunny’s footprint in the school yard.  From this excited conversation the children spoke about the Easter Bunny every day. 

The children and educators spoke about what the Easter Bunny could look like and the children giggled as they spoke about his long ears and fluffy tail.  One child then asked, “what does the easter Bunny eat” and the children thought for a while about this.  Their replies were varied “he eats carrots” another replied “no he eats chocolates”. One child then looked at Jess and said, “I like eating chocolates and lollipops” Jess laughed and said “that to much sugars will ruin your teeth, and that is why the Easter Bunny eats carrots”

The children then wanted to find carrots to give to the Easter Bunny.  We hunted through the yard and looked in our vegetable garden, but our carrots were not ready.  So then the children asked Jess if they could make some carrots for the Easter Bunny.

The educators and children then collaborated on how they could make carrots and how they could feed the Easter Bunny. They spoke about how they could make their very own Sonas Easter Bunny using recycled materials.   We then went on our very own Easter hunt to find materials to create a bunny and carrots.

The children enjoyed making the bunny and carrots and this experienced focused on their fine motor skills by threading to make the orange carrots.  Together, the children then fed the bunny and assisted the younger children to participate. 

It is wonderful to see our children sharing their experiences and we would like to wish you all a happy Easter.

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