As we had lots of lovely sunny weather this week, we took full advantage and spent some amazing days outside. 

The children assisted educators with setting up some amazing learning experiences. 

The children’s most favourite experience was the black tuff tray. They asked educators if they could fill it up with water, so then they all tried to fill it up with water. But the water did not last long. The children then thought about what else they could use and started to brainstorm ideas of what they could use instead of water.

The children then asked if they could use ice, so the educators went and got a bag of ice and the children clapped excitedly as they tipped it into the tuff tray. The children had so much fun looking at the different shaped ice cubes, and as they tried to pick them up they exclaimed how cold it was. 

The children were engaged with the ice blocks for quite some time, and every day since they have been asking to play with ice in the tray.

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