The children here at Sonas Atwell have been introduced into the world of measuring.

It all started with a simple conversation “my tower is bigger than yours” “nah ah mine is bigger… see”

The children then came to the educators and asked “who’s is bigger” and the educator replied “I don’t know but let’s find out”.

The children helped create their own measuring tool using recycled materials. First, they decorated it in lovely colours and then they counted the numbers as the educators wrote them onto the box.

The children used this tool to measure how tall their tower of blocks was and were delighted at the height they could reach. The children then decided that they would like to measure more items.

We measured how deep the holes are in the sandpit, how far they could push the cars in one push and they even measured how tall each of their friends were. 

From here they gathered resources that they could measure and see what was heavier. We got out the scales and together the children theorised what was heavier as they placed random objects in the scales. 

All week has been learning about different measurements and how we can use them to scaffold our own learning.

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