The children have enjoyed playing with recycled materials this week as part of their loose parts exploration.

The children were fascinated by the different size cardboard rolls that they found.  The children really enjoyed spending time creating and exploring how to manipulate these rolls into their everyday playing.

Some children used them to create different sounds by either using them as a microphone and making really loud sounds. The younger children were startled by this loud noise but then once they had realised that it was their friends making it, they laughed and then wanted to join in.

Other children used the mini cardboard rolls to create longer fingers as they explored their natural environment.  By using the rolls as longer fingers they were able to dig deeper and explore more of the garden without getting the dirt under their nails.

Some of the children used the rolls to make musical sounds. They explored the different sounds of using recycled materials as a drum kit and by pretending that the rolls were clapping sticks.

The children incorporated nature into their learning as they explored and engaged with different materials.

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