Educators and children alike enjoy getting messy as they learn.

We believe that messy play forms an integral part of children’s learning and what better way to learn than by creating a bubbling volcano and goop.

The children asked their educators if they knew how to make a bubbling volcano. The children and educators then used this opportunity to investigate volcano’s and how they erupt and the hot lava that flows from within.

The children got excited and told the educators that they wanted to make a volcano outside and watch the lava flow. So, we all got to work gathering the ingredients that we would need.

As the children were gathering their ingredients, conversation flowed about what colour the lava could be and how big the eruption would be.

We set to work and decided to make the lava red so that we could watch it flow over the edge of the volcano.

By using bicarb soda and vinegar the children were able to see the red bubbly froth as it arose to the top of the container. The children got really excited and started to hear the bubbling sound and as it erupted, they laughed and clapped their hands.

Once they had made the volcano erupt one of the children asked. “what can we make next” and then another said “lets make goop” so the children then made goop using cornflour and water. The children mixed the ingredients to make a thick goop and even the educators at Sonas got involved in this fun activity.

Our children of all ages had fun creating this messy play experience.  In addition, the learning experiences provided opportunities for children to feel a sense of responsibility, connecting contributing to their world.

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