Jess and the children went for an exploration of the yard to find some native bush plants. The children used their senses (touch, feel and smell) whilst exploring our native bush plants.

Educators and children have been exploring how far these native plants grow within Australia. We discovered that some of the plants in our yard were called Banksia flowers and gumnuts. The children explored the gumnuts and found they had very different textures based from one to another.

We also read the Welcome to Country book and in the book, we found some native symbols that Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders use as a form of communication. The children also excitedly pointed out the didgeridoo in the pictures.

This experience then led to the children asking educators “how can we make those colours” so they used experimentation and different resources to create their own form on native colours. The children used the clay from the garden to create an earthy red colour, turmeric was used to make yellow. The children then used these colours to create their own version of a didgeridoo.

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