This week something unusual and exciting happened at Atwell.  We had our Coolbellup families and staff join us for 3 days this week.

What a flurry of activity around the centre.  We had the opportunity to meet new people and form some amazing friendships in the short time they were here.  All our children enjoyed having more children to play with.  We had lots of smiles all around from our children.

Our children enjoyed having new friends and were very excited to see what each day would bring. Our children grew to like other educators and it was wonderful to see our children adapt to a big change with so much grace and poise and to see their faces light up with so much joy as they engaged in new experiences.

The educators also had the opportunity to network with others and share experiences as they worked together to create a calm safe space for the children, families and visitors.

It was so lovely to have our Coolbellup families visit and we can not wait for many more excursions with them.

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