This week we set up a sensory tray using oats, coconut, cinnamon, real apple wedges and foam apple pieces. 

There was a recipe telling the children how to make apple pie which they could follow if they chose to. A lot of the older children chose to follow the recipe, carefully looking at the numbers and working out what they were. They then carefully measured out their ingredients, excitedly showing their peers what they had made.

The younger children used the spoons to scoop the oats, balance the apple pieces and mix everything together. They also used the bowls and plates to pour the ingredients from one container to another.

This experience was great at helping the children develop their numeracy skills. They were learning to recognise different numbers and counting the ingredients as they created their apple pie.

Through the addition of scooping and pouring, the children are learning important skills that will be the basis for self-help skills, such as self-serving and feeding themselves.