“Where is the Green Sheep?” is a classic children’s story that children of all ages just adore. Sheep have been a point of interest by many of the babies and toddlers, with one child announcing he was soon getting a pet sheep from his Nanna’s farm. He plans to call his sheep “Big Boy”.

It just so happens that one of our toddlers has a little lamb at home, so as a surprise for the children we arranged a special visit from Bobby the lamb. As you can see we took great care of our new friend, showing him around the yard, he even let us explore his beautiful fleece-he was so soft and fluffy and really liked to have his nose rubbed. He let us feed him his bottle, this was so funny, as Bobby would jump and nudge at his bottle, we thought he was silly! We had such a great time with Bobby and look forward to him visiting us again soon.