Last week at Sonas Wattle Grove, the children and educators participated in a fire drill exercise.

As Stacey blew the whistle Identifying “FIRE” the educators calmly gathered the children checking the names and number of all children in their groups before moving them to the safety of our muster point in the parking lot at the side of the Sonas building.

Once outside, the children and educators sat down, some educators participated in singing songs with the children to keep them calm and engaged, while our Lead educators did a head check to make sure we all safely had everyone. Once all the children had been counted, we gave each other a round of applause on how well we all did at participating and getting out safely.

We all then headed back into the yard, our educators did one more check to make sure we were all accounted for and then we got back to our activities and play!

This exercise helps both the educators and the children learn what to do during a fire and be prepared for it to happen, as well as helping the children to understand what they need to do during a fire, and where to go once outside of the building.