Here is the land
Here is the sky
Here are my friends
And here am I
Thank you to the Wadjuk Noongar people elders past, present and future for the land we are learning on

Using natural pieces of wood and some soft furnishings we created a yarning circle for our Koolangka (children) and helped the children with their ‘Acknowledgment to Country’.

Then during the rest period some of the children joined our Reconciliation team member Lynne to begin painting their thank you boya (rock).

Brittany, Laura and their babies used their maaraka (hands) to paint wooden boomerangs to share the valuable tool from Noongar History.

Ancestors in the dream time created rivers, rock formations and mountains by throwing boomerangs and spears into the earth.

For Aboriginal people the boomerang is as old as creation and a symbol of the enduring strength of Aboriginal culture.

Lastly in the afternoon we began our collaborative weaving project in our outdoor play space but we will share those photos soon…