On the lead up to Anzac Day our educators were talking to us about the soldiers that protect our country. We thought we would do something special for them and send them up a few treats. Kelly said that if our families collected some food, toiletries and things for the soldiers to do then we could send them to the soldiers from the post office. We were all very excited to tell our mummy’s and daddy’s that we had a special task to do. All our friends throughout the week brought in something for our box and it began to fill up so quickly. Monday came around and it was time to go over to the post office at Karrinyup and buy some stamps and hand over our precious package to the lady.

Before we left we made our own letters to send to our families, so they arrived in our post box and home, but Kelly said it would take a few days to arrive and they wouldn’t be there when we left Sonas that afternoon. So, the waiting game was on!! We all walked over to Karrinyup with the package in very safe hands. We first stopped off at Woolworths to collect a few other things we wanted to add a crossword book to send to the soldiers as well then, we headed straight for the post office, we handed our parcel over to the lady and we purchased some stamps, some to put on the box and some for our own individual letters. The lady took our box away and assured us that it would make it to the soldiers safe and sound, meanwhile we went and posted our own letters in a big red post box!! We cant wait to check our own letter boxes every day until it arrives!