This week we have been learning about recycling! We have learnt that paper and plastic go into the recycling bin and food scraps go into the general bin or into the compost bin.

The past few weeks we have been doing recycling in the centre with our very own small bins. We put a paper photo on the 1st bin, a plastic photo on the 2nd bin and a general waste photo on the 3rd bin. This teacher us all that when we have stuff to put into the bin we know which bin it goes into.

On Tuesday, we got to watch a man come out and take away our recycling bin we get to put EVERYTHING into, he then takes it back to the factory and has special workers go through it to see what they can recycle and what they can throw. Our friends told each other that Recycling is things like boxes we don’t use anymore that can be reused again just like our boxes we use in our construction corner to build with.

The best part about our week was to watch the garbage truck come and empty our bins. We then went back inside and did some research from catalogues to see what we could cut out to stick in our recycling bin, general waste bin and paper bin.

Here at Sonas we like to REDUCE—REUSE—RECYCLE.