“Morning,” said the children greeting our Cook after visiting and feeding our fish friend ‘Watermelon.’ “mmmm, what’s that smell,”said a few children, to which the educator replied, “something yummy for lunch, let’s guess using our senses.” The children used their sense of smell and guessed a few rather interesting food suggestions:

“It’s mudcakes and cheese.”
“It smells like Mum’s onions cooking.”
“I think it’s spaghetti.”

Returning to the room the children had an interesting discussion with their friends and started a new guessing game; “what’s for lunch?”  Furthermore, a few children decided to create their own version of spaghetti bolognaise.  The children had fun making long wiggly spaghetti using their playdough.   Additionally, the learning experiences provided opportunities for children to connect memories/moments from their home to their education and care environment. 

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