At Sonas Bayswater we have recently swapped to our Winter menu.

The children have reviewed the menu and spoke about all the different kinds of foods they like, dislike and what they would like to try so then we could come back and review the foods when they had tasted them.

This week the children did ‘Kids in the kitchen’ where the children got to help the cook get all the ingredients that are needed for afternoon tea (Banana and blueberry muffins) and then got to help pour, measure and mix all the ingredients together. They also helped Liz prepare the vegetables for Friday’s lunch (Beef stew), where they got to practice their peeling and cutting skills.

It was then time for our little judges to judge the food! This is what they all thought:

Child 1: “Mmmm yummy, I like this berry porridge”
Child 2: “This is so yummy”
Child 3: “Yummy!”
Child 4: “I love this tuna pasta bake”

The children are really looking forward to next week’s menu where they will be having apple muffins, Mexican chilli and rice, Pizza toast & fruit platter and Beef stroganoff.

Do you think the children loved the food? I think so!!!

“Laughter is brightest where food is the best”