It all started in the toddler room with a brilliant statement from one and some wondering questions from another.

“I went to the sea”
“Where is the sea?…….What lives there?…….Can I go there?…….Can I bring my bunny?”

Together we took that wonder and brainstormed the many different sea creatures, trails you might take to get there and the people you might want to go with.

We have, so far, explored the majestic movements of a jellyfish bob (through dance), the bright colours and textures of coral and the unearthly yet intriguing idea that we cannot take a breath whilst swimming underwater but fish can.

Our next query reflects how our actions can affect the cleanliness of the sea and the animals/creatures that live there, derived from a discussion that happened in the toddler/preschool bathroom about putting our paper towels in the bin, not on the ground and making sure that we turn the taps off when we have finished washing our hands.

“My rubbish doesn’t go to the sea?………Does food rubbish go to the sea?……If we leave the tap on then the sea can run out of water?”